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About Us

Aims And Scope

North South Journal of Peace and Global Studies is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal publishing bi-annually in both electronic and print format. The journal aims to engage topics and themes related to domestic, geopolitical, and international peace and justice; issues of political culture and diversity; issues in international law, global security, and world order; problems of socioeconomic development, public health, and environment related to Sustainable Development Goals; proposals for practicable solutions to problems of social and distributive justice and reduction or elimination of structural ... violence, armed conflict, and forced migration; governance policy related to the foregoing themes, etc. The journal welcomes diverse, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary studies that engage these contemporary issues. It is not limited to any particular school of thought, geographic region, or research methodology. Submissions having empirical, quantitative, or qualitative research methods are welcome.


Journal Information (indexing pending)

Members of International Editorial Board

Shahram Akbarzadeh  

Hassan Bashir  

Paul Chaney  

Catia C. Confortini  

James Thuo Gathii  

Ishtiaq Jamil  

Fleur Johns  

Meredith Kolski Lewis  

Benjamin Miller  

Arild Engelson Ruud  

Geoffrey Samuel  

Rita Verma  

Call For Papers

Policy on Publication Ethics

The journal expects all authors to be compliant with best practices in publication ethics and research integrity, including avoiding any and all misrepresentations as to due authorship, data presented within text, figures, and tables, and avoiding plagiarism, falsification, fabrication, or manipulation of data in the entirety of the manuscript and all supplementary data files submitted for editorial and/or peer review.

All multi-authored papers submitted should provide a clear statement about role and contribution of all co-authors (who performed what tasks, contributed to what function, etc. to qualify for authorship). When papers are submitted by the corresponding author, the Editor assumes all authors have consented to submission and prospective publication of the submitted paper in the journal. Others who did not perform according to authorship functions but have made some minor contribution may be mentioned in an Acknowledgements section at the end of the paper after the Reference List. Any paper submitted must not have been previously published in any form in any journal, conference proceeding, book, or edited volume. Any paper reporting on research results involving human subjects/participants must include documentation of ethics clearance of the research protocol in use from an Institutional Review Board/Ethics Review Committee. Such documentation (letter or certificate of approval) must be submitted at the time the paper is submitted to the journal for editorial review.

The journal’s editorial staff takes seriously any allegation of research misconduct or violation of publication ethics related to the paper submitted and/or published in the journal. The Editor will undertake to investigate any and all allegations to assure the journal’s compliance with research and publication ethics. Depending on the type of allegation any investigation may entail involvement of the author’s institutional authorities.

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Instructions for Authors

  • NSJPGS will accept papers, book reviews, and book review essays if submitted in free format version initially.  However, accepted papers must conform to the journal format style as outlined below.
  • NSJPGS accepts papers, book reviews, and book review essays in English language only.

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